Corken has been serving the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry since the mid-1940s. LPG is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbons gases commonly known as propane and butane. They are used to fuel vehicles, warm homes and businesses, and for cooking purposes all around the world. Over the years, we have developed a wide variety of compression and pumping solutions for autogas filling stations, bulk plant, tank car unloading, and propane delivery truck, propane transport, and agricultural agricultural ammonia transport applications.

Each compressor and pump comes with a standard mounting option. If one of our standard mountings does not meet your needs, we will design a custom engineered package for you. For more information on our LPG compression and pumping solutions, click on one of the links below:

LPG Stationary and Truck Pumps

Corken offers a positive displacement sliding-vane, regenerative turbine and side channel design for a wide variety of LPG and agricultural ammonia applications. Each technology serves a wide range of differential pressures and capacities for bulk plant, and propane delivery truck and transport applications. To find an LPG pump for your application, click on one of the product lines listed below.

Sliding Vane Pumps (Coro-Vane®) 
Turbine Pumps (Coro-Flo®) 
Side Channel Pumps 

LPG Reciprocating Compressors

Corken offers several models of vertical and horizontal reciprocating compressors to meet the stringent demands of today’s LPG industry. Depending on your leakage requirements, each model can be configured in either a plain style, D-Style or T-Style. To find an LPG reciprocating compressor for your application, click on one of the product lines listed below.

Reciprocating Gas  Compressors (Vertical)
Reciprocating Gas Compressors (Horizontal)

LPG Dispensing Solutions

Corken’s regenerative turbine pumps are used for a variety of dispensing applications ranging from autogas filling stations, propane cylinder filling stations, and LPG carousel filling stations.

Cylinder filling stations are used to fill portable propane cylinders—such as those used for back-yard grilling—one at a time.

Carousel filling stations are used to fill a large quantity of portable propane cylinders for mass distribution.

LPG Terminal & Bulk Plant Solutions

Corken’s reciprocating compressors are commonly utilized for tank car unloading.When a tank car delivers propane or butane to an LPG terminal, our reciprocating compressors are used to unload the the tank car to a stationary propane tank (pressure vessel). From the stationary propane or agricultural ammoniatank, our sliding vane bulk transfer pumpsare used to load a propane delivery truck, propane transport or agricultural ammonia transport.

LPG Truck & Transport Solutions

Corken’s truck pumps and bypass valves are used on propane delivery trucks, propane transports, and agricultural ammonia transports around the world. Propanedelivery trucks, also know as bobtails or lorries, are commonly used for home deliveries in rural areas while propanetransport trailers are used to make large deliveries to LPG plants that do not have access to a tank car unloading terminal.

Custom Engineered Solutions

When one of our standard mountings does not meet your needs, let us customize one for you. Most custom packages are a modification of our standard mountings; however, if your needs do not fit with one of our custom packages, we can start from scratch and build you a mounting or skid from the floor up. Send us your specifications and one of our application engineers will help you design a package that fits your needs. For more information on compressor packaging and pump skids, click here.