Models VSV-200 to VSV-3000

  • Capacities from 200 gph to 3000++ gph
  • For Propane, Butane, and other LPG
  • Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger
  • ASME “U”-stamped
  • Ex-proof Class I, Div 1, Group D
  • Small Footprint, High Efficiency
  • PLC Controls with First-Out Monitor
  • Local Start/Stop Station
  • Dual Liquid Carryover Protection with
    “Smart” Liquid Carryover Function and
    Ultrasonic Liquid Level Control
  • UL stamped external Relief Valve
  • All-welded Liquid Inlet Assembly
  • Flanged Steam Inlet
  • Electronic Steam Temperature Regulator with pneumatic positioner (Spirax Sarco)
  • Steam Back Check
  • Steam Trap
  • Electronic Operator Interface with high-resolution color LCD Display and Touch Screen; Alarm History; local trend recording; VNC server for remote monitoring and control.
  • Option: Walk-in Control Room
  • Option: Integration with LPG/Air Mixers for Standby Systems and
    Peak Shaving Systems

General Description

Alternate Energy Systems offers a complete line of vertical steam vaporizers in standard capacities from 200 gallons per hour to 3000 gallons per hour. Higher capacities are available.

The steam tube is of multi-pass design to transfer the maximum heat to the liquid. The tube bundle and all propane piping conform to Section VIII, Division I of the latest edition of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. The pressure vessel carries the ASME ”U” stamp and is National Board registered.

VSV vaporizers in standard configuration include an electronic steam temperature regulator with pneumatic positioner (Spirax Sarco); dual liquid carryover protection through ultrasonic liquid level transmitter in the pressure vessel, and “smart” liquid carryover protection with Rosemount pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter in the vapor outlet; liquid inlet valve (solenoid valve); steam trap; and steam back check valve. Temperature gauges in steam inlet and outlet, and in pressure vessel shell and vapor outlet are standard.

Vaporizer design, wiring, controls, and electrical components and their installation comply with the latest editions of NFPA #58 and NFPA #70. All electrical components on the vaporizer comply with Class I, Div 1, Group D.

All safety devices of the vaporizer, including the dual liquid carryover protection, are monitored by a programmable logic controller (SIEMENS or Allen-Bradley), which is connected to an electronic operator interface with high-resolution color LCD and touch screen. The operator interface provides start/stop control for the vaporizer; it displays the system status, and any failure conditions that may occur, in plain English (with date/time stamp). The electrical enclosure for the PLC and the operator interface are to be installed in a remote, non-classified location.

A small explosion-proof enclosure at the vaporizer provides local start/stop and alarm reset functions.

The electronic operator interface also provides graphic TrendLine recording, first-out memory (Alarm History), and built-in VNC server for remote monitoring and control of all vaporizer function via the built-in Ethernet interface.

The steam consumption of VSV Steam Vaporizers is proportional to the actual vaporization rate. As a “rule of thumb”, 1 lb. of steam is required for each gallon of liquid LPG (1 kg of steam for 4 kg of liquid LPG).

Nominal Capacity
(Propane & LPG up to 30/70 Propane/Butane)
Steam Consumption
(max 400°F / 204°C)
L x W x H
inches / m
gph MMBTU/h kg/h MMkcal/h lbs/h kg/h lb / kg
VSV- 200 200 18.4 400 46 200 91 600 / 275 18″ x 25″ x 88″
0.45m x 0.65m x 2.24m
VSV- 400 400 37 800 93 400 181 770 / 350
VSV- 600 600 55 1200 139 600 272 1060 / 480
VSV- 800 800 74 1600 185 800 363 1150 / 520
VSV-1000 1000 92 2000 232 1000 454 1570 / 715 27″ x 37″ x 94″
0.6m x 0.95m x 2.40 m
VSV-1500 1500 138 3000 348 1500 680 1880 / 855
VSV-2000 2000 184 4000 464 2000 907 2350 / 1065 34″ x 43″ x 103″
0.9m x 1.10m x 2.65m
VSV-2500 2500 230 5000 580 2500 1134 2520 / 1145
VSV-3000 3000 276 6000 696 3000 1361 2910 / 1320
Common Specifications
Design Temperature 650 °F / 343 °C
Design Pressure 250 psi / 17 bar
Test Pressure 375 psi / 26 bar
Relief Valve Setpoint 250 psi / 17 bar
Required Steam Pressure 15 psi / 1 bar
Electrical AC 110 V 60 Hz, Single Phase, 5 A / AC 220/240 V 50 Hz, Single Phase, 5A
Steam Consumption Steam Consumption is directly proportional to momentary load
Weights and dimensions are approximate. Dimensions are for heat exchanger shell only.
Trim and accessories are not included in dimensions. Specifications are subject to change without notice