Founded in 1991 in İstanbul, Nebimak imports, exports and installs all kinds of LPG, Cryogenic and industrial gas equipments.

Our company has determined to be the supplier of the best quality material and service to the leading organizations of energy sector with on-time servicing, keeping up with the innovations and informing customers accordingly and using knowledge/skills in this field both in country and abroad.

In order to achieve the above vision, our company adopted below as basic principles;

  • To follow the innovations and technologies in our sector closely
  • To work in a customer-oriented manner by understanding the needs for customers and determining the most suitable product and service to meet these needs.
  • To ensure continuous training to all its employees on new technologies
  • To do active marketing in order to win new clients and also to keep the relations up with its existing customers
  • To respond to requests from abroad and improve existing distribution channels continuously.

The Quality Management System, established in this direction, and all related processes will be reviewed and improved constantly by the management and its employees.