FAS-Vaporizer Technology for LPG: FAS-3000 Hot Water Heated Vaporizer

In industrial and commercial areas liquid petroleum gas is frequently used for heating of halls and as process gas for various applications. As for this purpose very often large quantities of liquid gas are required during a very short period of time, the gas supply is assured by using liquid gas vaporizers for transforming LPG from liquid phase into gaseous phase. The liquid gas hot water heated vaporizers FAS-3000 are operated with water serving as heat transferring medium. The water is heated and monitored within the limits specified using a thermostat. Once the required vaporizing temperature is reached, the solenoid valves open and LPG enters the vaporizer where it is converted into vapor. The modern and reliable design identifies fluctuations in vapor flow and regulates the required heating capacity accordingly. The nominal capacity of the vaporizer is 200 kg/h to 14.000 kg/h.

FAS-Vaporizers type FAS-3000 are available in following executions

– Hot water vaporizer as single unit

– Hot water vaporizer unit in cabinet construction

– Hot water vaporizer system with aboveground or underground storage tank unit, as an option as well with bulk storage tank.

– Hot water vaporizer system completely mounted in container, as an option as well in combination with one or several
dry-type vaporizer/s FAS-2000

FAS-Vaporizer Units with One Vaporizer

FAS-Vaporizer Units with Several Vaporzers

– FAS 3000-200 (200 kg/h) – FAS 3000-14000 (10.000 kg/h – 2x FAS 3000-7000)
– FAS 3000-300 (300 kg/h)
– FAS 3000-800 (800 kg/h)
– FAS 3000-1200 (1.200 kg/h)
– FAS 3000-1900 (1.900 kg/h)
– FAS 3000-3000 (3.000 kg/h)
– FAS 3000-4000 (4.000 kg/h)
– FAS 3000-7000 (7.000 kg/h)
– FAS 3000-10000 (10.000 kg/h)


Additionally we offer the following

– Planning and design

– Plug-in version ready for connection

– Complete installation and commissioning

– Service and maintenance