Full-Circle developed the first swivels to be designed specifically for the 360° rotation of filler valves at the end of a hose for liquefied petroleum gas (LP-gas). Our hose end swivels are available for numerous liquid services including LP-gas, Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3), Natural Gas, and Refined Fuels.

Temperature Range: -40°F to +250°F

Hydrostatic Test Pressure: 2000 psi                    

Maximum Working Pressure: 400 psi

The First Of Its Kind

  • Prior to the design of our hose-end swivels, drivers constantly struggled to fight the hose
  • With our design, hose end swivels have become the standard in the LP-gas industry
  • This has saved time, hose-twist issues, and money for gas companies all over the world

Compact Design

  • Two piece balanced seal design held together by system pressure
  • No compressed rubber seals, rotating o-rings, or sandwiched thermoplastic discs
  • No greasing or lubrication ever required
  • Stainless steel housing construction.

We Focus on Testing

  • U.L. Listed and CE compliant
  • Every JO-1 swivel is manometer pressure tested with CO2 vapor to exceed maximum design and safety requirements