Industrial Coro-Flo PumpsCorken Coro-Flo® pumps are a regenerative turbine design. They produce a maximum differential pressure of 150 psig (10.3bar g). Corken manufactures six sizes of Coro-Flo pumps, ranging from 2 to 35 gpm (7.5 – 132 L/min). These pumps can handle discharge pressures up to 400 psig (27.6 bar). These pumps are designed for continuous duty on light liquids.

Product Features

  • Excellent for low flows and relatively high head pressures
  • Linear performance curve
  • Floating Impeller design – No metal to metal contact
  • Impeller is the only moving part – minimal wear parts
  • Extremely quiet and free of vibration
  • Smooth continuous flow
  • Years of service

Product Options

  • Material options – stainless steel internals
  • Optional Integral C-face motor adapter
  • Various drive options
  • NPT or ANSI flanged

DS/DL Coro-Flo PumpsThe DS/DL type Coro-Flo® pumpsare designed to eliminate the need for a baseplate, coupling guard, and coupling alignment which makes the DS/DL series pumps compact and easy to install. The special bracket supports both the pump and the motor so they can be directly coupled.

Long Life and Ease of Maintenance
The Coro-Flo®’s one moving part, the impeller, floats on the shaft without contacting adjacent surfaces, thus extending pump life. This pump series is inexpensive and simple to repair. The pump design allows the seal to be replaced in minutes.

Coro Flo FModelThe base plate mounted version is shown to the left. These Coro-Flo pumps are designed to operate at shaft speeds between 2,880 – 3,600 rpm.

Corken manufactures variations of its positive displacement, sliding vane design for various applications. Each of these offers unique features for the transfer of hazardous, non-lubricating liquefied gases and low viscosity liquids. For more information, review the various pump styles offered by Corken below.

Low Pressure CP Series Pumps: These pumps are designed for operating pressures up to 200 psi (13.8 bar) and flow rates up to 400 gpm (1,514 L/min). They are ideal for various petroleum products with low vapor pressures such as petroleum based oils and fuels. These pumps are also capable of handling numerous thin liquids such as alcohols or solvents.

High Pressure CD Series Pumps: These pumps are designed with a ductile iron construction for operating pressures up to 400 psi (27.6 bar) and flow rates up to 400 gpm (1,514 L/min). They are ideal for applications involving liquids at elevated pressures such as liquefied gases. CO2, ammonia, and various freons are examples of such liquefied gases. These sliding vane pumps were specifically designed for the transfer of such liquids.

Magnetic Drive Series Pumps: These pumps are offered in CP and CD versions which cover the range of operating pressures described above only with a seal-less design. This magnetic drive pump is ideal for pumping hazardous, toxic, foul smelling or other difficult to seal thin liquids.




– Dry-type vaporizer, type FAS-2000 with a nominal capacity
of 15 kg/h up to 170 kg/h

– Dry-type vaporizer system FAS 2000 in cabinet construction
with a nominal capacity of up to 1.250 kg/h

– Dry-type vaporizer system as compact unit with vaporizer, complete
piping and mounted on a base frame including storage tank

– Dry-type vaporizer system in container

– Hot water heated vaporizer unit FAS-3000 with a
von 200 bis zu 14.000 kg/h

– Hot water heated vaporizer (vertical tube bundle version), with a nominal
capacity of 200 to 3000 kg/h

– Option: with automatic heating regulation


OMECA, is a Cavagna Group Spa manufacturing units and is specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of LPG valves and tank equipment. Omeca is also manufacturing GNG Valves and Equipment for the automotive applications. This division also produces a wide series of valves for refrigerant gases. OMECA is ISO9001 certified Company since 1995.

OMECA products are currently being exported through a network of distributors and Cavagna Group companies strategically located in countries throughout the world. OMECA proudly supplies valves and tank equipment to the Gas Divisions of most Major Multinational Oil Companies and to the leading LPG and CNG cylinder manufacturers.

In 1908, the first RegO® Products were designed for the gas welding industry. The name RegO® was derived from the words “Regulator” and “Oxygen”. In 1923, the RegO® line was established in the young, but promising, LP-Gas industry. RegO® Product engineers, in conjunction with LP-Gas marketers, pioneered the development of propane valves and regulators to meet the needs of the rapidly growing industry.


Regulators and Accesorries Cylinder and Service Valves Multivalve Assemblies


Pressure Relief Valves and Manifolds Globe and Angle Valves Excess Flow,Check, Filler Valves


Internal Valves and Accesorries Adapters,Connectors and Fittings Miscellaneous Equipments

Whessoe S.A., based in Calais, France, was founded in 1961 by Whessoe Plc., a UK based holding company, focusing on heavy engineering and tank gauging instrumentation and safety systems.

In 1991, the heavy engineering division, today known as “WHESSOE Oil & Gas”, was split off from Whessoe Plc and has continued under various different ownerships, today being the Saudi Arabian AL RUSHAID GROUP division.
Therefore, Whessoe S.A. is NOT related to the engineering & construction company known as WHESSOE Oil & Gas Ltd. 

Since the earliest days of liquid gas storage, Whessoe S.A. has been at the cutting edge of technological development of instrumentation and safety shut-off valve systems for LNG and LPG storage, ensuring that all hazardous aspects within the industry are known and controllable. In close cooperation with leading gas companies, new technologies have been developed and extensively tested for endurance, accuracy and reliability in the harsh environments, associated with liquid gas storage. Our highly accurate instrumentation, control platforms and safety shut-off valve systems are installed worldwide to help protect investments in personnel, environment, equipment and product.

If your product is LNG, LPG or Ammonia, Whessoe S.A. products provide an application-specific solution for your business needs. Today, the liquid gas industry is driven by the economics of operational scale and efficient business management, while adhering to stringent safety regulations.Operations personnel must have the correct information to effectively run your business. Throughout the production cycle, from storage to distribution, precise data need to be acquired and relayed to the control room in real time. Whether your operation is large or small, our solutions are of tailor-made design to suit your requirements best. They can operate independently and be interconnected within a plant-wide system. Our vast experience, research, instrumentation technology and servicing support will add to your success.Our network of sales -, applications – and service centers provide local support to its customers in key locations worldwide. This provides rapid access to a single point of contact in order to source instrumentation solutions.

LPG Pressurized LPG Pressurized

Tecnocontrol is part of a group of Italian companies that takes part of the national and international market. It makes a range of products certified and technologically advanced to satisfy every single necessity which the products were planed and implemented. The companies that are owned by Tecnocontrol are synonymous of quality and reliability, thanks to modern machineries that produce with efficiency; the products are rigorously tested on the line of production by Official Commision. Besides the companies that are owned by Tecnocontrol are a strong instruments to imporve quality, competition and service that are the main line for the future growth.


REGO Cryo-Flow Products, a division of Engineered Controls International, Inc., is a worldwide manufacturer of quality steel, brass, and stainless steel valves for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

REGO® Products have a proven tradition of excellence, outstanding quality, and durability. Only the highest quality materials go into all REGO® Cryo-Flow Products. Our machining operations utilize robotics, automated machining, and computer integrated manufacturing to achieve exacting standards. Our flow control products are available for purchase through our worldwide network of distributors

Download the entire Cryo-Flow Catalogue

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Goddard Valves have been used for the last 25 year by virtually every major company involved in the manufacture and transport of cryogenic liquids. Their gate and globe valves, both in long and short stem design, are available in bronze or SS construction. Sizes range from 1/4” to 6 “ with pressures up to 400 PSI and temperatures as low as -250 degrees Celcius. Along with these, SS cryogenic swing check valves and SS vacuum are available. and select “Save target as” to save to your hard drive





Individual Product Kategories-****click on links to get the brochure***

110 Series – Stainless Steel Gate Valve For Cryogenic Service

202X Series – Bronze Globe Valve For Cryogenic Service including 206LL, 206GF, 206ULL

210 Series – Stainless Steel Globe Valve For Cryogenic Service

222 Series – Bronze Globe Valve For Cryogenic Service including 226LL, 226GF, 226ULL

231 Series – Stainless Steel Globe Valve For Hydrogen Service

232 Series – Stainless Steel Globe Valve For Cryogenic Service

302, 306, 310 & 310X Series – Bronze Gate Valve For Cryogenic Service

322 and 326 Series – Extended Bonnet Bronze Gate Valve For Cryogenic Service

840 Series – Bronze Swing Check Valve For Cryogenic Service including 846M

886 Series – Stainless Steel Swing Check Valve For Cryogenic Service

Quickonnect Vacuum Couplings

REGO Cryogenic and Industrial Gas Equipments is leader in the cryogenic and industrial  gas equipements for many years. REGO GmbH maintains a large inventory of REGO regulators, relief valves, globe and shut-off valves as also repair kits.

Our products are CE or π marked as conforming to: PED Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC TPED Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 1999/36/EC Download entire REGO Cryogenic and Industrial Gas Catalog (CG-500) Click on the picture below to download the catalogue     Download individual CG-400A Catalog Sections  

CG 500 rego-1Valves