The liquid terminals industry is made up of liquid terminal storage companies that store commercial liquids above ground in large bulk tanks known as tank farms. After bulk supplies of refined petroleum products (e.g. gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and kerosene) or chemicals (e.g. solvents, fertilizer, pesticides and acids) are produced, they are stored at a liquid terminal storage facility until distributed for final consumption. Some liquid terminal storage facilities only store chemical or petrochemical products, while other terminals may store an array of bulk liquids such as alcohol, asphalt, fertilizers, animal fats and oils (for cosmetics), vegetable oils (for food products), and molasses.

In addition to bulk storage services, some liquid terminal storage facilities offer other services such as loading and unloading ocean-going tanker ships, river barges, pipelines, transport trailers and tank cars. When all of these products are delivered to and distributed from the liquid terminal storage facility, Corken’s reciprocating compressors and sliding vane pumps play a key role to each point of transfer.

Liquid Terminal Plants