The T-style is an oil-free compressor has three sets of V-ring packing per packing rod that form two barriers to external leakage. The barriers are also known as distance pieces. The lower packing set has an adjustable packing screw that is used to maintain maximum sealing performance throughout the life of the packing. Each distance piece has its own line connections that can be padded, purged, or vented separately. This allows you to choose the best method of containment for your application. For added convenience purge kits with all of the accessories needed to control the purging or padding of each distance piece are available.

Since there is no piston rod over travel between the crankcase and compression chamber, all of Corken’s T-style reciprocating gas compressors offer oil-free gas compression. T-Style compressors are used when oil-free gas and maximum leakage containment are critical. T-Style industrial compressors are compatible with a wide variety of hazardous, volatile, toxic, and corrosive gases such as chlorine, vinyl chloride, methyl chloride, sulfur dioxide, butadiene, hydrogen, helium, and many more.

Each compresssor is available with a standard mounting or we can custom engineer a compressor package for you. We now offer an ASME B31.3 – 2012 piping option for all of our compressor packages and skids.

Operating Specifications

  • Piston displacements up to 117 cfm (198.8 m3/hr)
  • Working pressures up to 1,200 psi (82.8 bar g)
  • Brake horsepower up to 45 hp (34 kW)
  • Maximum outlet temperature: 350 °F (177 °C)