SC-Series Side Channel Pumps are typically used for cylinder filling, vaporizer feeding, pumping from underground storage and bulk filling operations.

For those LPG applications where high-differential pressure is necessary or low NPSH conditions exist, such as pumping from underground tanks, the SC-Series multistage side-channel is the pump of choice.

The side channel pump is offered in six different sizes, each ranging from one to eight stages. This provides for a wide range of pressures, capacities, and liquid transfer rates.

The Corken SC-Series pump line utilizes an integral centrifugal and side channel design to create flow characteristics which enable the pump to handle up to 50% vapor and low NPSH conditions. The multi-stage modular side channel design which features one to eight open radial-vane impellers is capable of building differential pressures of over 200 psi (14 bar).

Side Channel Pump