The marine industry – generally speaking – encompasses the construction, supply, design, innovation and technology for ships, boats, barges and recreational vessels. The marine industry as it relates to Corken focuses on marine transportation. Corken has a long history of providing loading and unloading solutions for marine transportation. Tanker ships and river barges are the primary marine vessels used to transport liquefied gases, refined fuels and chemicals. Barges are designed for short hauls along the river ways, while tanker ships are designed for longer hauls across the ocean.

Corken’s reciprocating gas compressors are commonly used to load and unload barges and tanker ships at a liquid terminals storage facility. Depending on the tank size, a liquid terminals facility may use single or multiple compressors for the loading and unloading process or vapor recovery. Whether a tanker ship is delivering to the liquid terminals storage facility or picking up for a future delivery, Corken’s compressors are involved with each point of transfer.

Other liquid terminal applications involve Corken’s sliding vane pumps. When a tanker ship arrives at a liquid terminal storage facility, Corken’s sliding vane pumps are used to refuel the ship with diesel. Corken’s sliding vane pumps are a great solution for transferring refined fuels.

Other marine applications include diver gas reclaiming system (breathing gas) and providng shop air on large ships. Corken’s reciprocating gas compressors are used to supply reclaimed breathing gas (small amount of oxygen mixed with some gases) to divers as they are welding and constructing an underwater drilling rig. Corken’s compressors are also used onboard the ship to supply shop air for tools and equipment.

Marine Transportation & Applications