Corken has been providing industrial pumping solutions to the chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum, oil and natural gas, and liquefied gases, and truck and transport markets for many years. Our quality, performance, and ease of routine maintenance have built a strong presence within these industries.

Our line of industrial pumps is comprised of three different technologies: regenerative turbine, positive displacement sliding vane, and a multi-stage side channel. Many are available with mechanically sealed and sealless (magnetic drive) options. We offer a pumping solution for a wide range of liquids, differential pressures, and viscosities up to 20,000 SSU. Liquids include but are not limited to ammonia, aviation fuel, fuel oil, lube oil, solvents and CO2. If one of our standard mounting options does not meet your needs, custom engineered industrial pump skids are available.

Each product product group below is designed for a specific range of viscosities and differential pressures. For more information on our industrial pumping solutions, click on one of the product groups listed below.

Sliding Vane Pumps

Corken’s positive displacement sliding-vane pump is known as a Coro-Vane®. Corken offers several models sliding vane pumps for wide range of vapor pressures, differential pressures, capacities, and viscosities.

Sliding vane pumps can handle small amounts of vapor and offer exceptional performance with light liquids and liquefied gases. Each model comes with a variety mechanical seal options to match your application requirements.

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Turbine Pumps

Our regenerative turbine pump is known as a Coro-Flo®. The Coro-Flo regenerative turbine pumps offer a with wide range of differential pressures and capacities for stationary applications.

They are a compact, pulse free, single stage design made for continuous duty applications.

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Side Channel Pumps

The side-channel pump is similar to a regenerative turbine pump since the impeller makes regenerative passes through the liquid. However, the actual design of the impeller and casing as well as the the principles of operation differ greatly.

Side channel pumps are a multi-stage, continuous design capable of reaching a wide variety of differential pressures. They are capable of pumping liquids with up to 50% liquid.

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Terminal & Bulk Plant Solutions

Corken’s industrial pumps are used in a wide variety of stationary applications such as bulk plant load and unload, vaporizer feeding, NOx reduction, boiler feed, and booster pumps.

Transport & Mobile Solutions

Corken’s industrial pumps are used by fuel delivery trucks, tank trucks, mobile (trailer), and tanker ships for bulk load and unloading applications involving refined fuels, solvents, and other light liquids.

Custom Engineered Solutions

When one of our standard mountings does not meet your needs, let us customize one for you. Most custom packages are a modification of our standard mountings; however, if your needs do not fit with one of our custom packages, we can start from scratch and build you a mounting or skid from the floor up. Send us your specifications and one of our application engineers will help you design a package that fits your needs. For more information on compressor packaging and pump skids, click here.