Compressors are extremely versatile. They can be used to transfer liquids between tanks, off-load/load out liquids, recover residual vapor, pressure boosting, gas blanketing, gas gathering, evacuate vapors for maintenance purposes, etc.WFD591 Compressor


Corken offers a broad range of material options. Corken also offers various corrosion resistant coatings, valve options, and equipment configurations. Corken supplies custom engineered packages as well. Skid mounted units can be supplied with control panels, safety controls, receiver tanks, liquid traps, and other special accessories as required.


  • Threaded and ANSI flanges
  • Oil-free design
  • Self-lubricating Teflon piston rings
  • Ductile Iron Construction
  • Positive piston rod/packing alignment
  • O-ring gaskets
  • High-efficiency valves


Corken compressors are designed to minimize required maintenance and make such maintenance extremely simple. Valve replacement may be accomplished without disturbing the piping and ring replacement may be accomplished by simply removing the head.

SelectionD891 Double Acting Compressor

Corken offers a broad range of models and corresponding piston displacements. The oil-free units range from 4 to 60 cfm (6.8-102 m3/hr) and the double acting versions are capable of between 50-100 cfm (100-171m3/hr). Depending on the compression ratio, Corken provides either single- or two-stage compressors for efficient gas compression.