The Coro-Flo® pump is offered in three different model drive configurations. The C-Model configuration has the pump close coupled to a motor (shown below). The F-Model has a separate pump body and is directly driven through a coupling. And finally, the DS/DL Model pumps are mounted on a special bracket which will accept standard C-face motors.

C-Model Coro-FloDesigned specifically for LPG, the
C-Modelpump is extremely quiet and free of vibration and pulsation and provides trouble free service and long life for volatile liquids such as LPG. The one moving part, the impeller, floats on the shaft without contacting adjacent surfaces, thus extending pump life. All Coro-Flo® pumps are listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. for LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia service.

F-Model Pump Mounted with Coupling and Motor
The F-Modelpump is the base plate mounted version. Coro-Flo® pumps are design to operate at shaft speeds between 2880—3600 rpm. The F-Model provides the flexibility of motor selection.


DS-DL-Direct Mounted Pump with Motor

The DS/DL Model pumps are designed to eliminate the need for a baseplate, coupling guard, and coupling alignment which makes the DS/DL series pumps compact and easy to install. The special bracket supports both the pump and the motor so they can be directly coupled.


Flanged Pump Model
The Coro-Flo® pumps have an option of ANSI flange connectionson all of the various sizes and model types.