When the pressures or capacities of your application are beyond the capabilities of our vertical compressors, Corken’s horizontal compressors are your next option. Unlike Corken’s vertical reciprocating compressors, the horizontal compressor uses a segmented packing design to seal the piston rod.

Depending on the pressure requirements of your application, we offer single- or two-stage design in a lubricated, non-lubricated, single or double-acting configuration. Each style has different options for the piston rod packing and distance piece. The style of the compressor required depends on the demands of your application. If oil-free gas and leakage containment are not critical, then a plain style is right for you. Most propane, butane and agricultural ammonia applications only require a plain style compressor. In contrast if oil-free gas and leakage containment are a high priority, then a T-Style oil-free compressor is the best choice.

Each product group below is designed for a specific level of leakage containment. To find a compression solutoin for your application, select from one of the product groups listed below.

Plain Style Reciprocating Compressors

  • Plain style horizontal compressors utilize one set of segmented packing per piston rod and do not have a distance piece
  • Plain style configurations are not oil free
  • Typically used in non-toxic, non-corrosive applications where oil-free gas is not required and leakage containment is not critical
  • If oil-free gas compression is required, a T-Style horizontal compressor is recommended

Operating Specifications

  • Maximum piston displacement: 414 cfm (704 m3/hr)
  • Maximum working pressure: 1,650 psi (113.8 bar g)
  • Maximum brake horsepower: 75 hp (55.9 kW)
  • Maximum outlet temperature: 350 °F (177 °C)

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T-Style Oil-Free Reciprocating Compressors

  • T-style horizontal compressors utilize three sets of segmented packing per packing rod and two (double) distance pieces
  • The inner oil wiper rings and oil deflector ring prevent oil carryover
  • All T-style horizontal compressors deliver oil-free gas compression
  • Typically used in toxic and corrosive applications where oil-free gas and maximum leakage containment are criticalOperating Specifications
  • Maximum piston displacement: 414 cfm (704 m3/hr)
  • Maximum working pressure: 1,650 psi (113.8 bar g)
  • Maximum brake horsepower: 75 hp (55.9 kW)
  • Maximum outlet temperature: 350 °F (177 °C)

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Corken’s side channel pump is a unique self-priming pumping technology. The design of a side-channel pump is similar to a regenerative turbine pump in that the impeller makes regenerative passes through the liquid. However, the actual design of the impeller and casing, and principles of operation differ greatly. Unlike other pump designs, the side channel pump can accommodate the transfer of liquid and gas mixtures with up to 50% entraIned gas. This feature greatly reduces the possibility air or vapor locking that can occur in other pump designs. A special suction impeller lowers the NPSH requirement for the pump. We offer several models of side channel pumps for wide range of differential pressures and capacities. The SC model side channel pumps are available with mechanical seal option only. Ideal for high differential pressure applications involving LPG (propane & butane), agricultural ammonia, natural gas liquid (NGLs) and many more.

SC-Model Side Channel Pump

  • Mechanically sealed design
  • Available with several seal types and a wide variety of seal face/seal seat materials
  • Ideal for low net positive suction head (NPSH) and high differential pressure applications
  • Available with ANSI flange connections only
  • Single or double seals available


  • Operating Specifications

    • Flow rates up to 185 gpm (700 l/min)
    • Working pressures up to 580 psi (40 bar)
    • Differential pressures up to 250 psi (17.2 bar)
    • Temperature range: -40 to 428 °F (-40 to 220 °C)
    • Viscosities up to 1,050 SSU (230 cSt)

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Horizontal LPG Compressors

Corken’s horizontal compressors offer the largest capacity in liquid transfer. They are used to unload LPG marine barges, which typically are not equipped with on-board transfer equipment. These compressors are also used to recovery both liquid and vapor from the containers after the liquid transfer operation is completed. The horizontal compressors provide a full range of capacities from 600 to 1,725 gpm (137.5 to 391.7 m3/hr) in liquid transfer. Horizontal Compressors


  • Modular construction
  • Low vibration design
  • Heavy duty cylinder design
  • Self-lubricating piston and rider rings
  • Simple to service


Engineered Packages

Custom-engineered skid-mounted units can be supplied with control panels, wiring, receiver tanks and other special accessories as required.

Vertical Compressor

F291 Compressor

Compressors are extremely versatile for they can be used to transfer liquids between tanks, off-load/load out liquids, recover residual vapor, and evacuate vapors for maintenance purposes. Many LPG piping systems do not provide ideal NPSH conditions for liquid pumps which causes excessive pump maintenance. Since compressors are only exposed to vapors, they are not affected by poor NPSH conditions. Many LPG pressurized tanks such as railcars and buried tanks have top unloading connections. A compressor can be the perfect solution for transferring liquids to and from such tanks.


  • Threaded and ANSI flanges
  • Oil-free design
  • Self-lubricating PTFE1 step-cut piston rings
  • Packing adjustment screw in most models
  • Ductile iron construction
  • Positively locked piston
  • O-ring head gaskets
  • High-efficiency valves

D891 Double Acting CompressorServicability
Corken compressors are designed to minimize required maintenance and make such maintenance extremely simple. Valve replacement may be accomplished without disturbing the piping and ring replacement may be accomplished by simply removing the head.

The same compressor installed for one application can easily be piped to be utilized for other plant applications. An example would be a railcar-unloading, in which the compressor can also be utilized to load and unload trucks.

Truck Compressor Applications
Corken’s LPG compressors have an extended crankshaft option for utilization on trucks with PTO and hydraulic drive systems. The compressor can be utilized for loading/ unloading as well as vapor recovery on trucks.