B166 (3/4″ and 1″) Automatic Dual Purpose, Bypass Valveshttp://corken.com/media/images/valve_b166.jpg

Used with all cylinder filling pumps. (Coro-Flo Models and low flow side channel pumps)

The B166B is a combination bypass and priming valve specifically designed for small cylinder filling type pumps, especially of the regenerative turbine type, such as the Coro-Flo pump series. The vapor elimination system keeps liquefied gas pumps primed to increase system reliability and decrease pump and seal wear. The B166B is a smooth operating bypass with moderate pressure buildup.



T166 (1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″) Pump Flow Control Valve

Used with large capacity pumps filling various sizes of tanks and bottles such as those used with delivery trucks or multi-spot cylinder-filling plants.

The T166 valve provides smooth-acting flow control. Specifically designed for bypass protection for pumps in the 30–100 GPM (6.8–22.7 m3/hr) range, such as those used on delivery trucks. In contrast to the B177, the T166 valve opens gradually as pressure builds up to modulate the flow, bypassing the excess capacity smoothly and silently back to the supply tank. A continuous internal bleed in this valve assists in eliminating vapors.



B177 (2″ and 2-1/2″) Differential Bypass ValveB177 Bypass Valve

Used in liquefied-gas bulk plant installations for the loading and unloading pumps.

The B177 is a low-pressure buildup valve specifically designed for applications requiring protection for positive displacement pumps in the 50–350 GPM (11.4–79.5 m3/hr) for smooth-acting flow control. To properly function, this valve requires a pressure sensing line for the storage tank. This valve should be applied where horsepower is limited and accuracy set points and flow points are necessary.